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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Blue Moose Walking ....

My daughter Phantom Steve has a new book bag
Jet Puff Phantizzle seems to have fallen out of favour ... no clue why...
but we are back to Phantom Steve.... again
but it is kind of a cool bag
it is stylish as well as being nice and sturdy 
which is essential
as she has a habit of carrying half a library with her at all times
but for me 
it is all about the moose baby

being covered in moose led to the long discussion as to what the plural for them is
I personally favoured moosii as I thought it had a jaunty air to it
and it sounded more "right" than mooses
but it seemed that Phantom didn't appreciate me playing with language in that way
and promptly lectured me on the correct term being just moose
with some long explanation as to why and semantics and blah blah zzzzzzz
got to say that kid stores some impressively useless information in that great big brain of hers

When it is all said and done I find a bit disappointing for the moose
a whole mass of them would be quite impressive
and worthy of something a bit more exciting than
Woah look at the moose
and it could to be confusing as well because if someone said that to me
I would want to know which one they wanted me to look at...
maybe it is just me but Moose as a plural just seems to be a touch inadequate
for the cool antlered ones

Despite me putting forward cases about the possibility of adopting a different term
Phantom stood firm and Moose bag it is
so my pathetic rebellion was to paint them in blue
and have them walking off the page of my sketchbook in disgust
small victory but she is 16 which means I take them wherever and whenever I can

So I am under instruction to return it to her room the minute I finish drawing it
in the pristine condition it was given to me
and while a small part of me is really wanting to paint one of them blue
I think she would possibly take me out with her famous death stare
so I will return it in its boringly perfect condition
and live another day to throw some random moosii into conversation
the look on her face will be priceless ...xx

P.S Happy Day 7 of AEDM all...xx

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Laurie said...

well I lov the moose on the bag, we had a moose walk across our property on Sunday, just one, you don't often see but once they breed and the deed is done they go off on their own, male moose are very cranky and don't like competition for the girls,will try and have a few cows , now thats way more than you would ever want to know right, sorry, lol,

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! you always create magic with each new piece....love the moose.....wishing you a super amazing week!!!

Tammie Lee said...

i think all moose should be blue at the moment, maybe the hunters would not recognize them! besides yours are so cute in blue!

TwinkleToes2day said...

There's a blue moose, loose, aboot this hoose!
Fab picture, and no tea in site (sight)!! :0) Mo x

Bev said...

hehe love the bag and dont tell her but she maybe needs a trolley bag lol so laughing at her being indignant at that idea lol and i vote for moosies hehe and im delighted your workspaces are brighter , yours is to die for...

hugz bev

bethania said...

My moose girl is 13, holds an extremely heavy book bag (not so charming)and an impressive brain too. Moreover, her dead eye is dreadful. And I think she woul love a bag like that. I certainly love the story and the drawing.

Jennifer McLean said...

I'm loving the moosii, I'll contact the proper government agency here in moose country. I'm sure they'll listen. ;o)

other thoughts...
octopus... octopusses not octopii
deer... deerzzz
hippopotamus... hippi



sandee said...

I live for your stories, course you could just call them a moose herd, would that appease the ever famous Jet puff...errr phantom steve? waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Sue J said...

I like your sketch. I think the plural of moose should be meese.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have to confess, your daughter's book bag doesn't look ANYTHING at all like the book bag I carried while in college. Of course, mine was a back pack book bag and not a lovely moose(es) laden book bag (grin). Guess mooses really isn't a word, is it?

Catherine Constance said...

Lol, teenagers, there's just no mooseing around with them. :D x

Nordljus said...

What a great bag! I love moose, or moosii, and especially your blue ones! And I like your sketchbook. It's not a Moleskine, is it? I've become a bit frustrated with my Moleskine sketchbook because it doesn't take watercolour or inks too well, but I love the rounded corners and the band. I think I might have to go to the art shop soon. And I might steal your idea of sketching a bag, or at least the patterns on it, as I know I won't be able to come up with something after evening class tonight.

Patty said...

Love your writing and your blue moose, Tracy.

Tracy said...

The term I use is a maggle of Meese. If a goose can be geese and they hang out in a gaggle then certainly moose can be meese and hang out in a maggle. I love that you painted them blue and they are walking off the page. hee hee hee... And the look when you bring up the "improper" (improper to who I ask? Who makes up this stuff anyway? I am a grammar rebel) name will be so worth it. Mwhahahahahaha!

Lori said...

Tracey - I love the moose bag. And, I think that maybe you should have painted one of them blue - the bag could have been yours then. :)

Evelyn Howard said...

A nice bag, nice drawing too.

Dion Dior said...

Dang it TFK...I want that bag. xx

Currie Silver said...

fun!! my grandmother's name well, NOT her given name, of course, just what I called her and most everyone, it seems, was Moosie. And her actual headstone says "Moose" on it!!!

so of course, I am finding these blue mooseez sheer deLIGHT!!

Judy Hartman said...

Moosii? OK that works - very creative!
Great drawing - love your humor!
Thanks for your comment - I'm trying to hurry up with my parents' picture! Sheesh! :)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Love the moose and great sketch of the bag ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Claudia said...

I love the moose, great bag and great sketch!

Nigel Roberts said...

The problem with moose being plural for moose, is it could cause confusion in Scotland where a moose is a small brown rodent; as in "Hoots mon, there's a moose loose aboot this hoose".
Can you imagine the damage to the skirting boards if it's the wrong type of moose?

Kathryn - Collage Diva said...

Oh no the blue moose is on the loose! We have moose here in my state of NH. When I lived in Colorado we saw many herds of Elk. It is really impressive to see these large animals.

Great bag and fun story.

Brittany said...

Me and my friends liked to think the plural was 'Meese' however being a linguist I shouldn't be messing with language :p love your work and I think the moose look fantastic!

janice smith said...

Well, of course it should be Moosii! That is a plural form I could totally get behind. I enjoy your posts immensely and your artwork is just FAB! Have a great day!

missy k said...

Love the bag and the sketch and the funky blue moose

The whole multiple thing makes you think.... mice/mouse for one

I have to tell you.... it arrived!!!! How speedy was that?! I LOVE IT and will be going out to be a frame asap!!!! Thank you :)


Kristin Dudish said...

Ha! I Love this post!

I just had a conversation with Tyler and Bob about the plural of octopus... I was certain it was octopi, and Bob thought it was octopuses. Well, Tyler was happy to inform his dopey folks that there are actually 3 plural forms of octopus: octopi, octopuses, and octopodes. (I'm so glad we have a 1st grader to set us straight! Ha!)

(I'm sure you were dying to know that! Hahaha!)

In any case, I love Phantom's new bag and am proud of your restraint with the blue paint ;)


p.s. I love the photos of your studio, although I am a teensy bit envious of how neat and organized it is... (My prismacolor pencils are organized in a handmade container consisting of an orange shoe box, toilet paper rolls, and leopard print duct tape! lol!)

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

So fun to read and informative too! Love the blue!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh I would love to be around you and your Daughter when these discussions are going on. I bet she can roll those eyes with the best of the teenagers. :) I agree they need to be called Moosii. Love this post.

Michellem said...

Maybe take a little piece of acetate and color it blue with a Copic marker and then lay it over a moose or two to look as if they were colored (from a distance it may fool her young eyes) -
that's the kind of mom I am~ why have kids if we can't torture them?! hee hee

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

I'm a big fan of moosii myself... Much more descriptive and fun!

soulbrush said...

I can live with blue mooses or is it meese? Such fun - I want to come and live in your house!

stefanie stark said...

You always find subjects that surprise me so much. Again I had to laugh out loud reading the story about the moosii ... (love this plural). - The bag you painted look excellent!

Missy said...

Sounds and looks like a very cool bag, love the blue moose, mooses, whatever ya call them!

Giggles said...

Oh mummy you are so hip!! If Jersey Shore can instigate having cray cray in a dictionary then hey I think moosii would solve an awful lot of scrabble vowel issue!! Phantom and cupcake are just too much alike! Must be the only child thing!!

Hugs and a giggle from Giggles

Sandi McLean said...

I have been fortunate to travel to northern BC a number of times. I really really wanted to see a moose, just one. Nope, no way, no how. Even in the small towns where they supposedly roam the streets! This summer saw one in the mountains..wow! OMG they are giant! And not quite as cute as Bullwinkle was. Glad you didn't paint the bag..even a teenie bit. She would have never forgotten and it would have been at least a decade before you would have been forgiven! Hugs,

Rita said...

OMG! Michellem's blue acetate idea--I almost spit coffee all over the keyboard! ROFL!

I would love to be a fly on the wall and listen to these conversations between you and Phantom! Tell her it's an awesome bag...but it would look really cool with one blue moose. ;)