Lino Printing 201

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launching October 7 2016

$60 AUD


This online class is designed for you if you have done a little lino printing before, or maybe you have done a lot of stamp making and want to tackle more complex subjects. I am still covering one colour prints with this class, but we will be looking at ways to effectively design your prints, different methods of transferring your design, registration of prints, printing an edition and advanced carving techniques. We also look at some fun bits like rainbow and ombre prints, using backgrounds and hand colouring your prints. There will also be add on classes will be released over the coming months including multi block printing, fabric printing and colour reduction prints so there is exciting times ahead. You will be able to bundle this class with Lino printing 101 and I really hope you think about joining in the fun.

Lifetime access for the life of the platform Coursecraft is included in the price as are all future updates to the class. there is a private facebook group and a supportive classroom and I will be on hand to help you through the process. The class is self paced which means there are no set dates to start or finish and you can join in at any time. I will always be there and if the classroom and facebook group for Delicious Paint are anything to go by then you will have a great group of people working alongside you.

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