Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Coronation ...

It has been quite the week I have to say
 lots of plans being made and changes sneaking in
 exciting projects and happenings are afoot
 all sorts of fun stuff that I can't quite tell you about just yet
 but enough has been happening to have me spinning and whirling like a mad thing
  so what do I do when my brain is going 5 squillion miles an hour
  and I am so hyped my voice comes out something akin to a chipmunk on acid?
  I make Pinterest inspired washi tape decorated straws 

Pinterest is kind of my happy place
I look at all those boards of people who are organised, making cool projects,
decorating like pros and creating food that looks delicious
and while cruising my feed I revel in the delusion that I too could create such wonders
of course most attempts at anything Pinterest related
have resulted in epic fails on a level that can only be imagined
I actually see Sinus and Phantom sneaking worried looks at the mere mention of the word
but no longer am I a Pinterest embarrassment
thanks to some straws and a bit of washi tape
I am basking in Pinterest glory
and so that this moment is immortalised I painted up the success
which I must admit was almost as fun as actually making these little buggers

you may be scoffing and snorting at the sorry achievement that I am celebrating
but let me point out that it now gives me a success story
which can be used to counter the eye rolling, smirks and general angst that accompany the mention of planned projects
no longer will I need to quietly retreat to my reading chair
and pretend to be emailing while cruising for projects
in fact I am hereby declaring myself Queen of Pinterest
ok... that might be a bit much
but when you come from spectacular depths to dizzy heights you are a queen in my books
it is heady stuff I have to say
so my subjects, I bid you a royal catch ya later
happy painting all...xx

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or maybe just click here... xx

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Breakfast Table Sketches...

The birthday weekend was all sorts of awesome
 and while origami Yoda hasn't make an appearance yet
 I have been assured that he is on his way
 Phantom is blaming his tardiness on being traumatised during the night on Saturday
because she woke up Sunday morning with a deer head in her bed
 not an actual deer head
 but a very large cardboard one
 which somehow jumped off its hook above her bed during the night
and bounced off Phantom's chest at about 2 am
which would have been quite something I acknowledge

Of course the leap of the deer head has caused much hilarity
not just because we have been able to ponder who she might have upset
ala mafia warnings using a horse head in the bed
but also because on its way down
it managed to knock a giant scrabble letter P off a shelf
so she not only woke up with a deer head beside her
but also there was "P" in her bed
the resulting teasing totally made up for yoda being late

After such a great weekend filled with hilarity, family and multiple celebrations
not to forget there was a fabulous post from my friend Kristin
who drew up Mushu as a cheese sandwich after reading my last post
I must admit I was a touch weary
but I have managed to string together a few mornings in a row
and have done some drawing at the kitchen table while having breakfast
just little sketches using the koi travel kit that I stash there for just that reason
but starting the day with a cup of tea and a bit of paint is pretty close to perfect

Also pretty close to perfect was the fun I had painting up this month's GoodnessMe box
after I painted up the first one I received a few weeks ago
they contacted me and asked me if I would do some more for them
which is beyond cool because it is great fun to be involved in a small way
and this month's box was perfectly stocked with bright and fabulous products to inspire me
so I am now off to drink that Lemon, Ginger and Manuka honey Pukka Tea
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Birthday Yoda....

It is just a few short days until my birthday so the pressure is on Phantom Steve
 because an origami Yoda I want
 I want one of these so bad it is embarrassing
I can just see him sitting on the shelf above my desk dispensing wisdom
because let's be honest the bloody dog is short on conversation
other than the occasional theatrical sigh or snuffle while perched on my desk
I just don't feel he is a positive presence quite frankly
mind you I should possibly cut him some slack
as the poor mutt has had quite a week or two with Phants on holiday from university
this is the sight that greeted me the other day when I popped upstairs

Mushu had been origami-ed in his sleep
which was actually kind of genius in a way
and is testament to both Phants stealthy sneaking and just how soundly this mutt sleeps
plus Phantom Steve had thoughtfully shredded a sheet of paper into a six metre strip
which then became a bit of hair for him
just in case he was missing having a bit of a shaggy head in his post haircut world
He must have liked it though as he happily kept this on for the next hour or so 
and basically just lay back down after the photos were taken
and fell asleep in the thing resigned to the mild animal nightmare that is holidays

Of course he may have been more impressed had he realised that his origami addition
actually converted to a buzzsaw type weapon thingy
which is at the top of the photo here
I think Mushu missed out on a magnificent opportunity
as he could have taken on superhero status and shrugged it off nonchalantly
and flung it at encroaching bad guys and the like
taking their eye out at the very least
but sadly this is impossible as he not only does he have no opposable thumbs
 he is also lazy as sin and about at bright as a cheese sandwich
but at least Phants was putting her current origami obsession
to a practical use

my favourite at the moment
is the origami skeleton hand which is very cool and creepy
though if Phantom can pull off a Yoda the hand will be downgraded to rubbish lickety split
in fact I will be a bit gutted if Yoda doesn't appear on Sunday morning
as I have put up with walking into rooms and having to dodge bloody buzzsaw things
plus there are these ninja throwing stars, which fly like a dream
but turn entering any room into some sort of mad obstacle course
I find myself peeking around doors in case my dear daughter lies in wait
and can I remind you all she is 18... dear god it is a mad house at times
so it is a miracle I got any painting done at all quite frankly

I did manage this perfume bottle though
and of course the Yoda pic above
but outside of that it has been a lean week painting wise
but constantly being under threat of losing an eye from origami will do that to you

happily she is ensconced upstairs trying to meet the Yoda challenge
and keep her dear mother from being disappointed for my big day on sunday
so I am going to make the most of the origami weapon free zone and get painting
GoodnessMe asked me to paint up the new box for them
and quite frankly I am wanting to get into it not just because it is all sorts of awesome
but I really want to get in and use the tea and other assorted goodies in there
so happy painting all... xx

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spring Break ...

So I am taking a few days away to make the most of the glorious weather
I plan on resting up, reading some truly rubbish books, and scoffing lots of super foods
to speed the final little bit of healing from last week's de-porting
all while attempting to embrace the madness that seems to descend 
on our house during the spring break holiday
I have no clue why it brings out such madness in both child and dog
but every year it is the same
Happy painting all...xx

Friday, 26 September 2014

Painting Sunflowers ...

It has been a week of sunflowers
I bought a couple of stems on a whim the other day at the grocery shop
and yes I did forget half of the things written on my list
why I even write a list is beyond me
but the gorgeous sunflowers made it all quite acceptable
that we still had no milk and dinner was going to have dodgy sides

I started with this sketch of the blooms in my little sketchbook
while having breakfast early in the week
and figured a bigger painting was totally on the cards
because the colours and those magnificent overblown blooms
just needed to be painted again

So the rest of the week was spent on this bigger one
which was done painstakingly bit by bit over the course of three days
as most of it was painted and drawn left handed
due to the fact that I had my dreaded port a cath thingy removed on Tuesday
it has been bulging from my right hand chest like a mad alien growth
since the end of chemo and needed to be accessed and flushed regularly
but I am now deported and along with that fabulous milestone
came the inability to do much with my right arm for a few days
as the stitches needed to stitch and all that
the only problem was that I had been thinking about painting them up
all day Tuesday while I was at the hospital
so by the time I got back I really really wanted to get in and get working on it
turns out left handed was pretty cool
not quite as much control but that works well with what I was going for

Scarily there probably wasn't that much difference in the end result
except that those loose squiggly lines took forever
but it was great to have to get in and actually think about the lines I was using
but at the same time have that lack of control and just see what happens
which turned out surprisingly well
but now I am even more impatient for the stitches to do their thing
so I can get in and do a right handed one and see if there is a difference
happy painting all...xx